CEO Message

CEO Message

Sukoon International Extended Care Center (IEC) takes pride in offering its long-
term guests distinguished care augmented with dignity and compassion. We strive

for the highest quality experience for our guests and their loved ones by carefully
paying attention to the details of the medical services, social environment, and
beautiful spaces.

Sukoon IEC is located in the city of Jeddah, KSA and it caters ICU services Long-
term vented patients, and long-term patients for all ages. We also care for our

guests after their discharge through our connected home health care programs.
Sukoon’s qualified and dedicated team ensures world-class standards of patients’
safety and satisfaction. Sukoon IEC is accredited by both the Joint Commission
International (JCI) and the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare
Institutes (CBAHI).

Sukoon IEC is embarking on adopting state of the art technologies and practices in
the long-term care industry, continuously develop intelligent care products and
services customized to our patients need and comfort inhouse and at home

Stemming from our devotion and responsibility towards our guests, families, and
our community, Sukoon IEC has undertaken an ambitious endeavor to upgrade its

Our vision is to create the perfect healing space not only for the body, but also the
mind and soul.

We are committed to excellence and a promissing future.
Thank you for entrusting your wellness to Sukoon IEC.


Taymour A. Ismail, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

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